In 1914, Herbert R. Hedman, a pioneer in protecting draft documents from the common crime of forgery, established the Hedman Manufacturing Company.
The flagship product was the first check protector writing out a complete, legal dollar amount with Arabic numerals—in a patented process that shredded and macerated the numerals with indelible ink into the fibers of the check stock. The first check writer providing efficient tamper-proof documents was available to consumers and commercial operations—the Hedman Check Protector.
Two gentlemen, Fesler and Evans, went to buy Herbert Hedman’s business. However, the negotiations brought Fesler and Evans to making an agreement with Mr. Hedman to distribute and service Hedman Manufacturing Company’s machines nationwide. The F & E Check Protector Company was born.
Today F & E Check Protector Company, with headquarters in Northern Ohio, continues the quest of Hedman, Fesler and Evans—that of providing premium quality security solutions for handling financial transactions whether by check, cash, credit or electronic.