Why Choose Us

Today, F & E Check Protector Company located in Northern Ohio, is the leader in providing premium quality security solutions for handling financial transactions electronically, by check, credit or in cash by enabling their customers to …


  • Fraud Protection
  • Cash Flow & Document Security
  • Return on Investment
  • Funds Availability
  • Customer Serviceability
  • Secured Document Management Efficiencies


  • Cost of Secured Document Management
  • Non-Sufficient Fund Checks and Turnaround
  • Bank Services and Processing Fees
  • Tedious hours posting & depositing receivables
  • Cash asset shrinkage
  • Data entry errors for payables & receivables

“No Selling” Commitment

At F & E Check Pros, we do not believe in selling … ie: convincing one to purchase.
We are committed to a consultative sales approach—educating our customers, enabling them to make the best decision that is right for the organization they represent.

Lock in the dollars—Lock out the fraud with secure, accurate and fast monetary transactions.