• Increase the productivity of the patient billing staff in posting payments by 400% — customer accounts are posted of the receipts and checks are electronically deposited to the bank via secured transmission of the Check21 or ACH file(s).
  • Automate and expedite the receivables process providing customers with the option to pay by credit card or electronic check —payments are received on the Internet through your existing website, or a brand new one,  electronically posted to the billing system and deposits are available immediately.
  • Solutions to enable the depositing and tracking of checks via Check21 or ACH received for miscellaneous payments and donations.
  • Processing of accounts receivable for client (doctor & other healthcare provider) offices—posting payments to various client accounts and electronically depositing directly into various client bank accounts.
  • Automatically restrict payment processing on collection or problem accounts.
  • Solutions enabling health care institutions to pay Fast & Efficiently by check or ACH.  Secure fold-n-seal, legal amount protection, signing, postive pay and full MICR solutions all available.
  • HEPA compliance solutions available with document management and shredding – on-site or scheduled shredding service solutions.