Federal, State, County and Local Government

Taxes, Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, Recycling, Dog License, Parking Violations payment processing solutions


  • Processing accounts receivable for all sorts of  payments by check received in the mail — payments are processed in one fourth the amount of time — including posted to the customers’ accounts in the billing system and electronically deposited into bank.
  • Retain images of payment stubs and checks for immediate research, payment verification & audit purposes.
  • Automatically stop payment processing on canceled policies for customer service review.
  • Warrants, Accounts Payable and Payroll payments are securely managed and distributed through ACH or check processing solutions along with secured legal amounts and signatures, positive pay, email notification and a host of other security features.
  • Simple scan & e-file to complex workflow managed document imaging and management solutions.
  • Confidential information is securely processed with document management and F&E document destruction solutions.