Check Protectors

HE 1600

HEDMAN: HE-1500/HE-1600

Electronic Check Audit System with Check Protector/Signer

Easy to use:
  • Fluorescent display guides operators, speeds processing, eliminates errors and prevents check waste.
  • Process documents for 4 separate disbursement accounts, allowing for different size and style documents.
Three different reports summarize and total transactions for simplified reconciliation:
  1. Operator Reports for easy balancing.
  2. Executive Daily Report sequentially details every transaction.
  3. Executive Summary Report summarizes transactions by operator and account.
EC 70

EC-70 Check Writer

  • Prints up to 14 digits plus symbols.
  • Clear key for corrections before printing.
  • Embossed printing reduces risk of alteration.
  • Automatically prints dollar sign, cent sign, commas and decimal.
  • Prints original plus 2 carbons.
  • Accepts both business and personal size checks.
  • Amount shown on screen can be printed repeatedly.
  • Soft touch keypad.
  • Totals Checks.
Applications: Embosses and prints business and personal checks to protect them against forgery.
Paymaster 9000 9-11

PAYMASTER: 9000 Series Check Protectors

  • Two-key security system.
  • Exclusive replaceable ink ribbon cartridge.
  • Deeply serrated Paymaster® typeface.
  • Imprints variously sized checks quickly and accurately.
  • Durable frame construction accommodates a wide variety of multiple copy negotiable documents.
  • Customized serrated name plate promotes your business while protecting your checks.
  • Dye based inking provides the ultimate alteration deterrent.
  • Type style offers punctuation and conventional dollar and cent demarcation.
Available in 8, 9, 10 or 11 column print capacities (Models 9000-8, 9000-9, 9000-10, or 9000-11).
Hedman 2300

HEDMAN: 2300 Refurbished Check Protector

  • 9-column numeric, macerating check protector.
  • Electric, one-hand operation.
  • Adjustable vertical positioning.
  • Key-lock securing unauthorized use.
  • New ink roll and ink pad.
  • New or excellent condition cutter bar.
  • Available with either blue or red ink.
  • Housing may vary in color and style.
  • Full 90-day replacement warranty.