Check Signers

WYCOM Premier

WYCOM: Premier Check Signer

Networked, upgradeable check signer and check protector with MICR laser check printing capabilities.
  • Dot matrix or laser compatible.
  • Custom graphic dollar prefixes and amounts.
  • Automatic signature suppression at designatd limits.
  • Protected line amounts.
  • MICR upgradeable and of course, Wycom’s exclusive dual-key security system.


The simple, secure solution for automated check signing. WySign physically separates the check printing and signing functions for optimal security.

Turn your desktop printer into a fast, secure quiet check signer.

CERTEX: Model 3200 Check Writer

The Certex Model 3200 is the most comprehensive check writing solution available today. It combines the features of a stand-alone check writer plus a computer interface check protector and signer in one unit. The 3200 is key and password secured and utilizes a parallel interface.
Hedman Interlaser

BINATEK: Interlaser Software

The Hedman Interlaser printing solution boasts many features and benefits, not the least of which is the production of high-quality MICR checks! This solution provides:
  • Supporting multiple printers.
  • Supporting unlimited workstations.
  • Unlimited number of applications and forms.
  • Secured, custom watermark.
  • Positive pay module.
  • Email payment option.
  • Email notification of payment.
  • Invoicing via email.
  • Sorts printouts by any field including signature suppression.
  • Complete flexibility in data and form layout.
  • Data is retained independent of core accounting system.

WIDMER: S-3 Check Signer

The simple action of inserting the check triggers the electronic printing with no handles to pull or buttons to push. A very fast and efficient method of numbering and dating invoices, purchase orders and documents of all types. Eliminates the need for pre-numbered forms and is a versatile and economical way to control your paperwork flow.
  • Height: 7-1/4″
  • Width: 4-3/4″
  • Depth: 10″
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Power: 115 Volt 60 HZ

HEDMAN: HE-1600 Electronic Check Audit System

Easy to use:
  • Fluorescent display guides operators, speeds processing, eliminates errors and prevents check waste.
  • Process documents for 4 separate disbursement accounts, allowing for different size and style document.
Three different reports summarize and total transactions for simplified reconciliation:
  1. Operator Reports for easy balancing,
  2. Executive Daily Report sequentially details every transaction,
  3. Executive Summary Report summarizes transactions by operator and account.

HEDMAN: DI-100 Cut Sheet Signer Endorser and Printer

Easy to use:
  • External dial permits “on the fly” ink roller adjustment.
  • Easy imprint plate loading with Hedman’s exclusive latch-load holder.
  • Imprint location is easily adjusted while imprinting.
  • Variety of imprint designs such as signatures, endorsements, seals and logos with either standard or optional oversized imprint plates.
  • Imprints can be placed virtually anywhere on the document.
  • Easily adapts to any single-part document in wide range of lengths, widths and weights.

HEDMAN: EDP-PLUS Continuous Form Document Imprinter

Easy to use:
  • Transport keeps continuous forms securely aligned.
  • Automatic alignment assures accurate imprint location.
  • Imprint plate loading is easy with Hedman’s executive latch-load holder.
  • Back-light LCD provides clear “easy-to-read” operator prompts.
  • Ten programmable accounts provide flexibility for document sizes or imprint locations.
  • Up to twenty operators can access unit with the password option.