MICR Check-Printing

We advise our customers on various printing, protecting and check signing considerations. Our consultative services cover accuracy of the MICR line, overall aesthetics of the check, security of the legal amount of the check (check protection) and security of the signature on the check (check signing). Solutions recommended by F & E Check Pros realize the highest levels of security and efficiencies at a very reasonable, readily justifiable cost. In many respects, our solutions provide our customers with higher security than even a hand-signed check!
High-speed, low-cost laser printers coupled with a high-quality MICR toner provide on-demand, cost effective check printing for all printing volumes—even for relatively low check volume customers. Several advantages accrue to our corporate, financial and government-entity customers:


  • Savings by purchasing readily available, blank check stock.
  • Personnel efficiencies with single pass check printing, protecting and signing.
  • Security by printing a complete check(s)—on demand, as needed.
  • Security by incorporating your business rules into the system—automatically controlling the printing and signing of checks at pre-determined dollar amounts.


  • The need to purchase custom printed checks.
  • The need to secure, inventory and store pre-printed checks.
  • The ability for someone to steal and forge pre-printed checks.
  • The waste of voiding and destroying pre-numbered checks.
F & E CheckPros has a variety of MICR check printing solutions that optimize security and efficiency of agencies, financial institutions and corporations generating mid to high-volume outgoing check runs. With a selection of hardware or software solutions, we have just the right MICR check printing—protecting—signing solution for you. F&E CheckPros represents over a dozen solutions meeting the varied requirements of our vast customer base.  Featured below are three of our most popular solutions.
Hedman Interlaser

Binatek: Interlaser Software

The Hedman Interlaser printing solution boasts many features and benefits, not the least of which is the production of high-quality MICR checks! This solution provides:
  • Supporting single or multiple laser printers.
  • Supporting unlimited workstations.
  • Unlimited number of applications and forms.
  • Secured, custom watermark.
  • Positive pay module.
  • Electroinic (ACH) payment option module.
  • Email notification of payment module.
  • Invoicing via email.
  • Sorts printouts by any field including signature suppression.
  • Complete flexibility in data and form layout.
  • Archive module allows for data retention and pdf generation of printed checks, independent of core accounting system for audit, review and reporting purposes.
WYCOM Premier

WYCOM: Premier Check Printing and Signing

Networked, upgradeable check signer and check protector with MICR laser check printing capabilities.
  • Dot matrix or laser compatible.
  • Custom graphic dollar prefixes and amounts.
  • Automatic signature suppression at designatd limits.
  • Protected line amounts.
  • MICR upgradeable and of course, Wycom’s exclusive dual-key security system.


Provides secure check signing utilizing a laser printer after the check is printed. The WYSIGN  USB Signing device …
  • Allows for separation of check printing and signing duties.
  • Supports multi-color signing with security backgrounds and title.
  • Provides complete check signing audit trail.