MICR Toner

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. Special MICR toner is required by the American Banking Association standards for laser printing checks.  MICR toner contains iron oxide which is applied to the check stock in the printing process.  The iron oxide particles activate the high-speed magnetic scanning devices utilized by financial institutions in processing the checks. Consequently, the machines expedite reading of the routing number of the draft institution, the account number, the check number and the amount as well as some other auxiliary fields in the “MICR Line” of the check.
HP Printers

Laser Printers

F & E Check Pros provides a full line of MICR printers. Featuring HP LaserJet products, we offer MICR enhanced HP laser printers with a host of features:
  • 20 to 65 pages-per-minute.
  • One to four paper drawers; 100 to 3,000 sheet input capacity.
  • Parallel, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Automatic jam recovery.
  • Toner low, toner out warnings and stop.
For higher security requirements, F & E Check Pros offers the leader in MICR check printing, the full line of Troy MICR laser printers built on the same reliable HP base units referenced above with added features:
  • MICR toner detection.
  • MICR password security.
  • 3-position key lock.
  • Paper tray locks.