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Remittance Processing—Check Scanners & Check Imaging

F & E Check Pros offers its customers a wide range of electronic remittance processing solutions. Taking advantage of Check 21 legislation is easy with a solution by F & E Check Pros where customers retain control of their check receipts and deposits. Here is a sampling of the powerful impact we have delivered for our customers:
  • Increased cash flow
  • Savings of valuable labor hours on a daily basis
  • Increased accuracy and speed in posting receivables (reduce processing time 50-80%!)
  • Significant bank fees reduction
  • Same-day and next-day availability of deposits
  • Next day notification of NSFs (non-sufficient funds)
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Remittance Processing

A family of products designed for remote check capture and electronic deposits F & E Check Pros’ digital remittance processing solutions gives corporations and government agencies the abillity to capture data electronically from remittance stubs and checks, as well as, the front and back images. The collected receivables data can then be posted to virtually any accounting system while the funds are electronically deposited into the bank—all without human data entry, tallying and making physical deposits.
Our digital remittance processing solutions are certified with numerous financial institutions, as well as, with the Federal Reserve and major check clearing institutions. Our customers are supported 24/7 with on-call customer support, dedicated staff (who know them by name and operation) as well as locally by F & E Check Protector Company.
F & E Check Pros integrates the remittance software application with quality hardware producing a reliable and efficient remittance processing solution, custom designed to the customer’s exact requirements. Typical installations reduce data entry time by up to 75%; deposit preparation and delivery time by 80%; and notification of NSF’s in terms or hours and days rather than weeks!

Branch Capture

A family of products for financial institutions that implement the features and benefits of Check 21. Branch capture and remote deposit solutions gives all financial institutions, regardless of size, the ability to truncate paper draft documents and process them electronically, immensely reducing check processing time and costs while maximizing efficiencies and customer service.
F & E Check Pros enables smaller, mid-size and large banks and credit unions to:
  • process (any portion of their volume) directly with the Federal Reserve Bank
  • provide their commerial customers with low-cost merchant capture and retail backroom solutions
  • provide lock-box operations
  • eliminate courier costs for check logistics
  • eliminate microfilming
  • print substitute checks
  • print image statements
  • provide internet statements
  • process branch capture
  • handle electronic return processing
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