Digital Remittance Processing

State of the Art Accounts Receivable Processing

Keeping abreast of technological advances, F & E CheckPros provides safe, secure, reliable and efficient document imaging solutions. Partnered with industry leaders of quality systems, F & E CheckPros proudly brings the best in check imaging and remittance processing solutions.

Digital Remittance Processing

The Pros have solutions meeting all budget and volume requirements.  Receiving 1,000 payments to 100,000 payments a month, our consultative sales team will assist in building a properly sized solution to meet the requirements.


  • Increase Accounts Receivable staff productivity by 200 to 400%!
  • Increase accuracy and accountability of receivables payment processing.
  • Supports all types of scanners.
  • Character Recognition: forms, barcodes, OCR, ICR, MICR and full text.
  • Export to virtually any accounting application.
  • Electronic deposit to existing bank accounts.
  • Immediate customer service through research of data & images.
  • Comprehensive security, including audit trail reporting.
  • And more…

Check Imaging

Check 21 solutions
  • Remittance
  • Merchant capture
  • Branch capture
  • Microfilm replacement
  • Lockbox
  • Local & Web-based
  • Centralized & Departmental
  • Multiple location – single or multiple databases
  • Own your own data!
  • Own your own images!